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Is Roblox Safe For Kids? Parental Controls Guide

It is the Ultimate Parental Controls Guide to Roblox for all ages.
Here, we’re going to talk about:

  1. Why do your kids want to play Roblox?
  2. Is Roblox free?
  3. Is Roblox safe for your kids?
  4. What are some threats to your children?
  5. Parenting tips and tricks for kids who play Roblox!

And at the end, our conclusions on Roblox and what we think about it for your kids!

What is Roblox, and why do your children want to play it?

Roblox is a game that is a bunch of mini-games built upon a platform.

The platform is very reminiscent of Minecraft or Lego; it’s got that kind of 3D feel but old-school looking.

It is multiplayer and a single-player so your children can play with their friends, which is probably one of the big draws now!

Its age range is one of those where it can range from the younger children just jumping in and playing with their friends, joining in and playing some games, and having fun teams who develop and make games, as well as adults.

There’s been big money made making games. They can sell games, and the development options are, you know, pretty intense.

It’s a lot like being able to create an entire game inside of Roblox itself.

Is Roblox Free?

One of the draws is that the game is free at its base, which is fantastic because it is accessible to jump right in.

It’s free, so you don’t have to worry about whether your other friends can afford it.

However, that does start to create some issues, and it’s not always free.

Later on, we’ll discuss that if you haven’t ever played Roblox yourself, we do recommend downloading it, create a Roblox account, and try it out.

Is Roblox safe for your kids?

It’s great to play along with your kids as well.

You’ll understand it, and they’ll love playing it with you. If not, you want to watch your kids playing it and see how they play. Some gameplay is more appropriate than others.

The Roblox game creators did a great job of making this game not only friendly for almost anyone who wants to jump in but also reasonably child-friendly.

What does Roblox cost?

As we mentioned before, Roblox is free, but it’s not exactly free! A couple of different things occur in the game, so there is a currency in-game called Robux. (~Roblox Currency Name)

Roblox does have premium memberships as well.

Depending on what you want to do, you can play free, but you will be missing out on some things.

As my daughter said, you get all the awesome stuff when you have the premium membership!

The Roblox premium membership does come in at three tiers, as the writing of this:

  1. $19.99 for 2000 Robux
  2. $9.99 for a 1000 Robux
  3. $4.99 for 450 Robux

You can make money on Roblox part of what drives the maximum amount of content is making money.

Several developers and just private individuals have made a ton of money developing games for Roblox.

You could do it yourself. To qualify to make the content, you must be at least 13 years of age, and you need to have a hundred thousand Robux in the bank.

You also have to be a member of the outrageous builders club.

That means that you’re going to have to put in some time before you get to be a developer who can make money.

Now there is a limit on how much you can sell, and your money does get turned into Robux, and then you can cash it out.

At the time of writing this, the monthly limit to cash out was a million dollars.

Is Roblox safe for your kids to play?

Right out of the box, it is one of the safer games for kids to play.

But as we mentioned before, Robux themselves creates many issues, and people themselves create a lot of issues for younger kids and maybe even some of your older kids.

What are some threats to your children?

When somebody goes out on the internet, and they see that they could get free Robux from some website, or from any free Robux generator site, they might go to that website, and then that’s going to create a whole different set of security issues.

That is not something the developer ever thought of, and there will also be many scams.

They might get personal information stolen, and that’s one of the significant threats.

Now one of the other threats regarding Roblox is that we have seen cyberbullying. You know you’ve got a lot of people who are trying to scam in the game.

Parenting tips and tricks for kids who play Roblox

Online education is something we’ve mentioned before; it’s something that needs to be taught.

It’s not something going to be developed overnight, and sometimes your kids might even have better online etiquette than you.

But they need to be aware of the baddies, just like in the park and real life.

We (RHR Team) recommend that you only set up friends and family to play with your kids.

If they are younger, you shouldn’t probably have them going and just having free reign and adding anyone to their friend’s list.

We also recommend setting up an account for yourself. You need to know what your kids are playing.

You can restrict your kid’s account as well. By restricting your child’s access to Roblox, you can prevent them from chatting.

We recommend that you discuss your choice with your child no matter which setting you choose. When your child matures and grows, you may need to revisit these restrictions.

  • Log into the Roblox account.
  • Go to the Account Settings. (click on the gear icon)
  • Click on Privacy.
  • See the options under Contact Settings and also under Other Settings.
  • Select No-one or Friends or enable Account Restrictions (players with the age of 13 or older have additional options).

That way, you can control your kids.

Roblox corporation website has a lot of good information as well.

That’s where they have set up guides, a lot of FAQs, and they seem to be pretty open about the information about what they do and don’t allow for your children.

If you want to delete your Roblox account, then click here!


We do think that if you let them install the Roblox game:

  • Without any guidance
  • Without setting up a pin
  • Without setting any parental controls

It could be a bad idea for younger children! We would only recommend it for the more mature children.

That being said, with just a little bit of implementation of provided parenting tips and tricks about Roblox for your kids, i.e., setting up the pin, educating your kids while playing with them for a little bit, you’re going to have a lot better experience and satisfaction.

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You will have a lot better understanding of what they’re doing in the game and trust that they’re a lot safer where they are.

Also, we recommend taking a look into these possible outcomes online that you may not be aware of:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Scammers
  • People trying to steal money

The thing is, you don’t think about it all the time. But if you go online to the wrong places (websites), it’s like going to an awful third-world country and being in one of the worst areas.

Therefore, we don’t recommend letting children out there on the internet without some education and without at least checking in with them and looking to see what they’re doing.

Even if they don’t look like they’re doing bad things, they might be going to the wrong places (Roblox Hacking websites, which are fake!).

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